After the Deadline

After the Deadline Firefox add-on 1.50

Make sure your online grammar and spelling are perfect


  • Attractive application
  • Good configuration options
  • Strong on grammar points
  • Available in various languages


  • Spellcheck no better than Firefox option
  • Didn't pick up on some errors


After the Deadline is a neat add-on to check and proofread your spelling and grammar while writing online.

Whether you're filling in forms, writing email or even just updating your status on Facebook, After the Deadline is a slick Firefox add-on that will help you make sure there are no errors in the text. It's got a nice selection of configuration options, including the ability to check a range of optional grammar points, such as clichés and biased language.

When After the Deadline is available, a small icon will appear in the bottom right of the field you're working in. You click it after you have finished writing, so don't be worried if you can't see any corrections while you are still composing. Grammar errors will be marked in green, while spelling mistakes will be underlined in red.

After the Deadline's spell-checking ability doesn't seem to be any better than the built-in Firefox checker, but the grammar options are good and, more importantly, customizable. You can also choose websites to exclude from checking, and toggle the service with F4. Using After the Deadline feels easy and slick, and if you're looking for a change by all means give it a try.

After the Deadline is slick and simple and perfect for people who need to keep an eye on grammar as well as spelling.

This update readies AtD for Firefox 4.0


  • This update readies AtD for Firefox 4.0
After the Deadline


After the Deadline Firefox add-on 1.50

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